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Investors Relations for SDG Impact
Drive Investor Engagement with Comprehensive UNSDG Alignment
291 days ago
  • Develop Compelling Investor Narrative
  • In line with global initiatives
  • To attract responsible investors
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In the era of ESG investing, where environmental, social, and governance factors weigh heavily on investment decisions, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) have emerged as a gold standard for gauging corporate responsibility. As global financial markets increasingly place value on long-term sustainability over short-term gains, UNSDG alignment isn't merely a sign of ethical conduct—it's becoming a key performance indicator for firms seeking to attract a wide-ranging investor base. For Investor Relations (IR) teams, these global goals offer a unified framework for quantifying and qualifying their company's commitment to sustainability, thereby helping them to craft a compelling narrative for investors. Adopting UNSDG ratings can aid in simplifying the complex web of ESG metrics into an internationally recognized and comprehensible set of benchmarks that resonate not only with specialized ESG funds but also with a broader spectrum of stakeholders.

Main Features

Comprehensive UNSDG Metrics. Gain insights into how your company performs across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including key sectors like labor practices, environmental sustainability, and governance policies.

Real-Time UNSDG Rating. This dynamic metric serves as a powerful communication tool for engaging with investors and stakeholders and allows for agile decision-making and timely adjustments in the overall investor relations communication strategy.

Investor Communication. Generate compelling reports and presentations that highlight your company's UNSDG alignment, directly from the app. Add your company SDG contribution reporting widget to your website with 5 lines of code.

Industry Benchmarking. Compare your company’s UNSDG metrics with industry peers to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Actionable Insights. Get specific recommendations tailored to your company’s UNSDG performance to drive sustainable change and impact.

Stakeholder Integration. Collaborate and share metrics with different departments, from CSR to executive leadership, for an integrated approach to sustainability.

Who is it for?

Investors Relationship Professionals, Sustainability Officers, Compliance Officers

Main Benefits:

Increased Market Appeal: Demonstrated alignment with UNSDGs can make your company more appealing to a growing segment of socially responsible investors, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Competitive Advantage: Showcasing your alignment with UNSDGs positions your company as a leader in sustainability, which can differentiate you from competitors in investor presentations and communications.

Long-Term Investors: The app helps articulate a long-term sustainability vision that aligns with global goals, making your company more attractive to investors who are focused on long-term value creation.

Storytelling: By clearly linking company initiatives to specific UNSDGs, the app helps create a compelling narrative about your company’s broader impact, enriching investor presentations and reports.

Investor Engagement: The platform can serve as an interactive tool during investor meetings, allowing you to navigate through metrics and goals, providing a more engaging and informative experience.

Global Relevance: Aligning with universally recognized goals makes your company relevant on a global scale, attracting international investors.



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