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Private Company UNSDG Ratings
Comprehensive, AI Powered UN SDG Ratings for Private Companies
319 days ago
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The "Private Company UNSDG Ratings” is tailored for investment professionals seeking a robust, insightful, and dynamic understanding of private companies' alignment with UN's SDGs. While most rating systems primarily focus on publicly listed entities, our tool extends this assessment to the vast and diverse world of private firms. Our state-of-the-art Cognitive Robots leverage the UNSDG framework, processing vast amounts of data in real-time to produce unparalleled ratings. Whether you're evaluating a startup or a major private conglomerate, our AI tool provides a holistic view, ensuring your investment decisions are not only profitable but also sustainably sound.

Available Features:

Private Company Coverage: Ratings available across global private firms of all scales and sectors.

Transparent Ratings: Every rating is hyperlinked to its source, ensuring complete transparency and granting users the ability to validate every piece of data.

Foreign Language: Our Cognitive Robots aren't just data-driven; they're multilingual, allowing seamless assimilation of data from local language sources for a more global perspective.

Universal Applicability: Whether you follow strict exclusion criteria or are industry-agnostic, our ratings cater to diverse investment philosophies, offering unbiased insights.

Who is it for?

Private Equity Managers, Venture Capitalists, Investment Bankers, Sustainability Analysts, ESG Analysts, and all investment professionals who understand the growing significance of sustainable investing in the private sector.


Unlocking the Private Sector: Dive into the lesser-explored world of private companies and expand your investment universe.

Portfolio Diversification: With comprehensive coverage across private sectors and industries, diversify your investment portfolio capturing growth and sustainability across various markets and firm sizes.

Genuine ESG Commitments: Go beyond mere statements. Dive into genuine ESG practices, ensuring your investments are truly making a sustainable impact.


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