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288 days ago
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Navigating the climate reporting landscape just got easier! Say hello to TCFD Navigator, the essential web app designed to guide UK companies through the labyrinth of Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting. Ideal for organizations with 500+ employees who now find TCFD reporting as mandatory, this app is your go-to guide for compliance.

Key Features:

Automated Data Collection: Our app seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to automatically pull the relevant climate-related financial data. Say goodbye to manual input errors!

Automated Data Attribution: This smart tool automatically associates the relevant data and supporting evidence with each question or statement required by the TCFD framework. Say goodbye to tedious data matching and hello to fast, precise, and auditable reporting.

Template-Based Reporting: Equipped with TCFD-approved templates, creating reports has never been this simple. Just plug in your data, and voila, a TCFD-compliant report is ready to go!

Regulatory Updates: The reporting framework can be automatically updated to reflect any changes in TCFD requirements, this feature keeps you one step ahead of compliance issues.

How It Works:

Data Mapping: The feature scans your existing databases, spreadsheets, or manual entries to identify pertinent data for each TCFD criterion.

Smart Matching: Our intelligent algorithm ensures that each data point is correctly attributed to the corresponding TCFD requirement, minimizing the risk of errors or omissions.

Auditable Trails: In addition to filling out your report, the Automated Attribution feature provides a transparent, traceable link back to the original data source for each statement or figure, simplifying internal reviews and external audits.

Who is it for?

CEOs & Financial Executives, Sustainability Officers, Risk Management Teams, Compliance Teams


Cost-Effectiveness: Implementing TCFD-aligned disclosures can be a financial hurdle, with BNY Mellon estimating an initial cost of $700,000 to $800,000 in the first year. However, our automated AI solution is designed to maximize cost-efficiency, significantly cutting down on the need for extra manpower and additional resources.

Easier Management Buy-in. The efficiency and data accuracy offered by our automated solution can make it easier to secure management buy-in for TCFD compliance.For example, instead of spending weeks collating and double-checking data, your team could produce a comprehensive, compliant report in just days. This efficiency translates into cost-savings and higher productivity, making it easier to get the C-suite on board with your sustainability initiatives.

Regulatory Risk Mitigation: Our automation features significantly minimize your exposure to financial penalties by ensuring that each reported figure and statement is accurately attributed with the correct data. This aids in maintaining a high standard of compliance, reducing the risk of costly fines.



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